Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marc Hollander, D.D.S.

Dentist by day and a budding glass artist by night, Marc Hollander is one of the featured artists for our Autumn Wine Celebration. Hollander spends his free time blowing glass at the Columbus non-profit studio, Glass Axis. Hollander’s favorite glass blowing techniques include the beautiful Venetian cane working and incalmo. His work incorporates bright, vivid colors involving multiple color applications, intricately designed shapes that are both fun and beautiful.

Glass art comes naturally to Marc. Since he was a kid building models, he has always enjoyed working with his hands, making “things”. Whether it be crafting topiary sculptures for his unusual back yard or making one-of-a-kind sculptures in his patients’ mouths, it is all the same. “I get to take something from an idea to something that can be looked at, seen, and enjoyed,” said Hollander. “Blowing glass is an extension of this.”

From making a sketch, to planning which colors to use and how to use them, to taking the first gather of 2100 F molten glass and blowing a bubble in it, every step is a thrill for Hollander. “The process never ends,” says Hollander. “I always try to push my creative and physical limits to come up with something new and different.”

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